What is ux.lv?
ux.lv is a service to shorten long URLs. For example you can turn http://www.google.de/#hl=de&q=bendersoft&meta=&fp=d108b4a178000134 into http://ux.lv/1

You can use ux.lv to
How do i use ux.lv?
Simply type or paste the URL you'd like to shorten into the textfield on the main page. Now push the "Shorten this URL!" button, and ux.lv give you a new shorter link. You can use and copy your new shorten URL wherever you like unless it fits our Terms of Use.

Is ux.lv preventing spam?
We are checking all URLs against the SURBL blacklists containing web sites that have appeared in unsolicited messages.

Api & Twitter support
Experimental Api and Twitter support is available. Please contact us for details.